RUFF CHAIN (RUFF) Crypto Project Review | TOP IoT Ecosystem?

In this video I`m reviewing a crypto project called RUFF CHAIN (RUFF) to see what they are about, what problems they want to solve and how they want to do it, the reason why we review those projects is to help you get a better understanding of the project before putting your money down on it.




Ruff Founder Roy Li Show on Live Streaming in the Youtube: Huobi Talk

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RuffChain – Blockchain Unified IoT


Ruff Chain combines the Internet of Things technology with the blockchain. It contains a distributed operating system and an open main chain, connecting peer to peer network and consensus mechanism from the virtual world to reality. Traditional blockchain forgo Availability over Consistency and Partition Tolerance, however Ruff enabled Availability through the combination of Edge Computing and blockchain, making Availability available, and thus meeting the requirements of elastic real-time requirements.

Our goal is to solve the problem of trusted operations and onerous operations between IoT systems in different domains, thus creating an open Ruff Chain Ecosystem.


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