Zamykanie kont bankowych, NYSE i kryptowaluty, Facebook na blockchainie? |Co tam w sieci #45

A w dzisiejszym odcinku
🔹 Facebook powołuje zespół badający Blockchain
🔹Nowojorska Giełda Papierów Wartościowych – NYSE – planuje wprowadzić platformę do handlu bitcoinem
🔹Gary Cohn “świat w przyszłości będzie operował globalną kryptowalutą – i nie będzie to bitcoin.”
🔹Największy bank Szwajcarii odmawia klientom możliwości handlu kryptowalutami
🔹 PSB zwróci się o pomoc w sprawie nieuczciwego procederu banków
🔹 Japońska giełda Coincheck ogłosiła częściowe wznowienie operacji z Monero.

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🔹PSB zwraca się do UOKiK
🔹Facebook i blockchain

After nearly four unbelievably rewarding years leading Messenger, I have decided it was time for me to take on a new…

David Marcusさんの投稿 2018年5月8日(火)

Giełda NYSE stworzy własną platformę wymiany kryptowalut

🔹 Szwajcarski bank odmawia klientom handlu kryptowalutami

Największy bank Szwajcarii odmawia klientom możliwości handlu kryptowalutami


Norwegian Court Rules Nordea Bank Can Close Account of Crypto Exchange

Nordea zakazuje swoim pracownikom posiadania kryptowalut


Verge Community Members Push for a Spotify Partnership

🔹 konferencja FlyingAtom:

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Chcielibyśmy zaznaczyć, ze nasz materiał udostępniony został w celach edukacyjnych w ramach projektu Krypto Raport. Informacje w niej zawarte mają wyłącznie charakter ogólny i nie stanowią porady inwestycyjnej.

Zaahah & the aHa Token | CEO James Sisneros & Advisor Sally Eaves | The Global Currency of Education Recorded Live at the New York Stock Exchange. SCN Corporate Connect’s Gregg Greenberg interviews CEO James Sisneros and CTO Sally Eaves, of Zaahah & the aHa Token. The Global Currency of Education

A unique K-12 platform designed to build community, manage extracurricular activities and enable safe online discovery.

aHa Token
The Global Currency of Education
Rewarding educators, students and parents for participation in school-relatedactivities and other behaviors that are proven to improve student achievement.

Spur student, parent and alumni involvement with Zaahah, the safest mobile and web application to manage school-sponsored activities. Our platform is designed to provide many firsts:

Manage extra-curricular activities

Share non-academic information with parents, alumni and the community, creating essential school-wide engagement and involvement

Partition students from adults, eliminating online predators

Reduce cyberbullying

Provide users a place to explore their interests to connect and collaborate with other users who share similar interests

Access a dashboard that provides insight into school-wide involvement and opportunities for improvement

Improve communication with your state directors, advisers and individual chapters, while enabling your organization to be easily discovered by schools, parents and students. Zaahah is the perfect tool to:

Improve communication and engagement within your community

Facilitate collaboration and involvement across the organization

Maximize student participation with innovative and safe online communities

Create communities for national conferences and competitive events

Grow your membership by being discovered by interested parties

Zaahah’s founding team has met with stakeholders from over two hundred schools and education associations. We’ve identified unmet needs and discovered a unique opportunity to improve how technology can most effectively serve everyone involved in K-12 education. Our mission has been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback, motivating the team to build something irreplaceable for all users.

Zaahah is a Philadelphia-based startup with team members, advisers and consultants across the country. If you are interested in joining Zaahah, please email

James Sisneros Founder
While completing an Executive Education program at The Wharton School of Business, James Sisneros had the idea to instantly connect users across the internet who shared the same interests. James’ background includes, Sales for IBM, leading business development efforts for a number of medical software startups and executive search. James has spoken at national high school conferences about entrepreneurship. A New Mexico native, James is a graduate of St. Pius X High School and The University of New Mexico. He completed IBM Sales School and received a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from The Wharton School of Business. James lives in Center City, Philadelphia and has a reputation for working non-stop. Meditation, walking his dog, fitness, anything startup related and great food break up his day. #Zaahah, #doglover, #running, #fitnees, #moretravel, #meditation, #startup

Bitcoin plunges, while Congress passes bill to avoid government shutdown.

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