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Coin Fire Employee Reviews – Q3 2018

See Coin Fire’s Company Culture as rated by their employees on Comparably (Q3 2018). Coin Fire’s workplace culture scores are based on 68 ratings.

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Job Matching Service Moves To Blockchain-Based Platform

We are proud to announce that our platform is transitioning to be entirely blockchain-based, with the mission of eliminating middlemen recruiters from the hiring process. The new platform is set to launch in the spring of 2018.

For companies, the platform will allow employers to create curated shortlists of relevant candidates, negotiate benefits through smart contracts and execute the hire.

For candidates, the platform promises increased privacy and control over their data such as contact information, experience, skills and qualifications, in addition to the guarantee that their resume will not be sold to third parties without their consent.

Global Jobcoin (GJC) | Blockchain Meets Employment Services


🤓 In this video, I covered Global Jobcoin (GJC). Global Jobcoin is a new decentralised coin which has been created to pay for goods and services on the previously successful platform, JobsToday. JobsToday are an employment services platform based in Switzerland. They were founded in 2014 and have over 1 million users. GJC has already raised 9 million in the pre-sale and they’re looking very positive for the future. Check them out! 🤓

🗒️ Information Sources 🗒️
– Gobal Jobcoin (GJC) Website
– Gobal Jobcoin (GJC) White paper
– Gobal Jobcoin (GJC) Benefits
– JobsToday Platform

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