How to Buy LINDA COIN & Cryptopia Tutorial 2018

Today, we’re talking about HOW to BUY Linda Coin — I get this multiple times a day, so here you go! 😀

1. Register for Cryptopia:

2. Register for Coinbase;

I am not a Financial advisor, so please, do not take this as investment advice.
My videos are simply sharing my opinion. Please do your own research first and make you own decision whether or not you want to invest into any cryptocurrency.
Most importantly, NEVER Invest money you are not willing to lose because at any moment, any coin could fall off the map and cease to exist. If someone Promises a coin to increase in price, they are Lying.
NO ONE can predict what this market will do next. We can hope and guess, but no one really knows, so please understand this before you ever put any money into the market.
This video is simply sharing how I buy Linda Coin.
Hope it helps explain the process a little better.
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Keep being awesome and have a POSITIVE day!!