Maplestory GMS [v.172] Ice Lightning Arch Mage Chaos Queen “Solo” Post-Revamp



My Chaos Queen “solo” (I needed my bishop’s door) after revamp.

The revamp hit us pretty hard; I lost about 4-5m damage per line with chain lightning. I got pretty lucky with the run at about 18:52, you can see I got mirror-seduced and started walking into it but I turned around for some reason and dodged it :D. Sucks that I ran out of inventory room at the end and I was burnt so I couldn’t drop anything to loot those things we trade in for CRA gear.

I got a job advancement coin during hot week a couple weeks ago and decided to try out I/L. Overall, I prefer F/P mages more so I will be switching back next time I get a job coin. Chain lightning is pretty useful for gollux though. I was able to solo hellux pre-revamp as an I/L, but not as an F/P with the same range since it’s a lot harder to kill the mobs at the bottom.



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