Coin of Mine Game Download Guide – Coin of Mine from Futurenet [EASY Tutorial]


Coin of Mine Game Download Guide – Coin of Mine from Futurenet [EASY Tutorial] #coinofmine
Step 1. Signup here:
Step 2. Download the App Coin of Mine
Step 3. Play the Game Coin of Mine and earn real Money

In This Video i am going to show you
how to Start using the Game Coin off Mine
and earn Real Money while you walk on the

Pokemon Go was yesterday. #coinofmine is starting today.

There is a world, that nobody sees. In this world there is a battle we are currently losing. Help us save our planet from War Machines, mysterious robots that try to take control of earth and it’s inhabitants by accumulating enormous wealth. Join the fight! Save the world and earn real cryptocurrencies!

What happens when augmented reality meets Cryptocurrency world? We have answered this question, and come up with a great idea for a game. Meet #CoinOffMine, an Augmented Reality (AR), location based mobile game that takes you outside around the city and gives you an opportunity to gain real cryptocurrency – #FuturoCoin Tokens!

The app is in the beta phase for now, which is the test version, but already the first coins go to user s’ wallets ‼ ️

You have Questions? Contact me here!


how to play fto mining game?

FutureNet | Coin Of Mine Game | Play Free Earn Free Crypto

Coin Of (f) Mine FuturoCoin Game

FuturoCoin “Coin Of Mine” Coming Soon

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This Video from my Coin of Mine Introduction you will find here:



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